Information About Our Timber Policy

Timber Policy

Our main product lines are Teak Garden Furniture and Mahogany Furniture produced from genuine Teak (Tectona Gandis) and Mahogany in our own factory in Central Java, Indonesia. Because of this fact we can be sure that the source of the timber that we use in our products is plantation grown from Perum Perhutani plantations. Perum Perhutani is the Indonesian Government's Forestry Department which is charged with managing Indonesia's forests and Plantations. Java has extensive Plantations which were started by the Dutch colonial rulers over 200 years ago.

We are often asked about FSC approval for our products. At the time of writing (early 2003) there is no FSC approved teak or mahogany available from Indonesia. However, the Indonesian Government itself has comprehensive laws which regulate the amount of timber that can be cut and which has to be replanted. The Government and its Forestry Department are efficient at monitoring the timber trade. The Forestry Department has applied the principles of good silviculture for many years and it has an innovative, socially oriented plantation management program which is oriented towards the social and economic needs of local communities.

The Javanese plantations produce a high value crop that is a very valuable source of income in their local area. And the associated furniture and timber products industry provides regular local employment to many thousands of people.

Where we supply products from other manufacturers we endeavour to ensure that such manufacturers also apply the same good practices as ourselves.