Information About Caring For Your Hardwood Products

Hardwood Products

Most of our hardwood furniture is supplied ready Teak Oiled, and to keep it looking at its best it will require an annual re-application of Teak Oil. When oiling your furniture please follow the Oil manufacturers recomendations carefully.

Our Hardwood Furniture will benefit from some protection from the winter weather. Storage in a garden shed or garage is ideal.

If it needs cleaing, the furniture can be cleaned with proprietary hardwood furniture cleaner or it can be cleaned with mildy soapy water and a stiff brush. Deeper or more stubborn stains can be removed by sanding the affected area. We find that using 'Wet-or-Dry' abrasive papers are most efficient (they should be used dry). Depending the nature of the stain you may need to start with a coarser grade of abrasive paper - perhaps 120 grade and work through 180 and 240 grades finishing with 320.

Ultimately if you are in any doubt please contact us - we will be happy to offer advice.