Glossary Section O: Oak - Ovolo

A hardwood extensively used in furniture making in England and America during the seventeenth century and earlier. It was to a great extent replaced by other woods, mostly because of a reduction in the scale in which furniture was built later on. A coarse grain with prominent markings are characteristics of this wood which make it unsuited to fine-scaled delicately detailed work. During the last century it was used extensively in large buildings and churches. In recent years there has been some revival of its use for kitchen and cabinet work.
Occasional Table
Tables designed for general use as the occasion arises; one suited to more than one purpose.
Offset Screwdriver
A screwdriver designed to work in close places, having the handle at right angles to the bit which turns the screw.
An Ogee is a profile which consists of a concave arc flowing into a convex arc, to describe an S-shaped curve with vertical ends. It is based on forms from classical architecture where it is used with the convex part upwards. It is also known as a cyma reversa.
Oil Stain
Stain made by dissolving oil aniline colors in turpentine, benzine, naphtha, or similar solvents, Aniline and benzine are made from coal tar, naphtha is derived from petroleum. Turpentine is an oil produced from the sap of longleaf pines. The coloring matter in oil stains comes from a wide variety of sources.
Open Coat Paper
Abrasive paper on which about 70 percent of the surface is covered with abrasive material.
Gilt bronze. A term derived from the French or moulu (literally ground gold).
Curving outwards in a nearly horizontal plane.
Outfeed Table
The table on the jointer over which the wood slides after having passed over the cutter head. The planer knives are set so that at their zenith is exactly the same height as the outfeed table.
At a significant angle from perpendicular, the distance at the bottom between the legs being greater than that at the top.
Type of furniture whose stuffing and upholstery completely covers the frame.
A moulding which is convex in section. The section being in the shape of a quadrant.