Glossary Section L: Lacquer - Lowboy

A synthetic organic finishing material that dries by evaporation of volatile constituents.
Ladder Back Chair
A chair on which the. back consists of a number of horizontal slats resembling a ladder.
An arch with a pointed top.
A machine for turning wood, metal, or other materials.
Pattern or structure of crossed regular lines.
Lion Paw Foot
Furniture foot carved in the form of a lion's paw.
Lip Mold
A quarter-round molding surrounding the edges of drawer fronts and used to prevent dust from entering the drawer opening.
Lit de Repos
French form of day-bed introduced in the early 17th century; intended for one person.
Love Seat
A small sofa introduced in the mid -I 7th century. Sometimes called a `courting chair', as two people needed to sit very closely on it.
Low Relief
Modeled carving on which the background is lowered not more than 1/8 inch. LOWBOY A term of American derivation, designating a dressing table or a side table resembling the lower section of a highboy, but not made as tall. Lowboys were made in the William-andMary, Queen Anne, and Chippendale sides. They were rectangular in form. Distinguishing features were the valanced apron and unique arrangement of the drawers In most cases there was u long drawer over three smaller drawers, of which the two on the outside were deeper.
A late 17th or 18th century American dressing table on legs, sometimes found combined with a slope-front desk.