Glossary Section I: Index Head - Isometric Drawing

Index Head
A circular disk mounted on a lathe, or the spindle of a machine, into which holes or notches are cut to indicate degrees found in a circle, and a mechanism for locking the spindle to certain positions on the disk.
Infeed Table
The table on the jointer in front of the knives, over which the wood passes before it is cut. The amount of cut is set by raising or lowering the infeed table.
Although it is often used to mean marquetry, inlay strictly refers to decorative materials like ivory or ebony set into the surface of solid wood, unlike veneer which covers the whole surface.
Isometric Drawing
The representation of an object in isometric projection. Isometric drawings are built upon a framework of three lines and consist of three isometric axes. The lines form three isometric (equal measure) angles of 120° each, one line being vertical and the other two 30° above or below a horizontal line. On isometric drawings, actual lengths may be measured only on isometric lines.