Glossary Section G: Gadroon - Gusset Blocks

A carved form of decorative edging resembling ropetwist also known as nulling. The short flutes or reeds are sloped.
A square U-shaped groove, like a dado, except that it does not go all the way across a board. GAUGE. See marking gauge.
A miniature railing, often of brass, placed around the edge of a table or desk top to prevent papers and other small objects slipping off.
A mixture of powdered chalk and size.
The application of gold to the surface of another material.
See gilding.
A woven ribbon used in upholstering to conceal the heads of tacks and fabric joins on a piece of furniture.
Gimp Tacks
Tacks having small oval-shaped heads, used to nail gimp to a frame.
Goddard John
An early American cabinetmaker of Newport, Rhode Island who lived from 1723 - 85. Credited with originating the blockfront motif in American furniture design. This motif is one of the few innovations in furniture design that had not been used on European models. A grandson, John II, also became a well-known cabinetmaker 1789-1893.
A decorative style for furniture motifs or entire pieces based on the pointed arches, cluster columns, spires and other elements of late medieval Gothic architecture.
A chisel having a blade the cutting edge of which is U-shaped or in the form of a semicircle.
A French term for a bank of shelves or drawers, either part of a desk or free-standing; hence bureau à gradin.
The stratification of wood fibers in a piece of wood due to annular formation of fibers and seasonal growth factors.
Grain Lines
Well-defined lines formed by annual growth rings in the wood.
Grandfather Clock
A tall-case clock, the timing works of which are powered by weights. GRANDMOTHER CLOCK. A smaller version of a grandfather clock.
Monochrome decoration in tones of grey.
A long narrow channel. In furniture making a square U-shaped channel running parallel to the grain is known as a groove.
Gros Point
French term for stitch work on canvas. The regular stitches are laid over two threads so that the effect is coarser than petit-point.
Gusset Blocks
Triangular-shaped blocks or pieces of wood used as braces to strengthen joints.