Glossary Section F: Face Board - Full Tester

Face Board
A board prominently exposed to view on the front of cabinetwork.
Face Side
Side of a piece of wood chosen as the front side for marking out.
Fall Front
The writing flap on a secretaire which also serves to close the desk when not in use.
Fascia Board
A flat horizontal member, formed like a flat band or broad fillet on a building or piece of furniture. It is usually fairly broad and well defined.
A French upholstered chair with open arms, sometimes with armrests. Term used from the late 17th century,
Describing figured grain, resembling a feather, on mahogany or other valuable wood.
A term applied to the edges of panels where they are thinned for joining to stiles or rails.
A neo-classical decorative motif in the form of a looped garland of flowers, fruit and foliage.
The natural grain patterns of a veneer are known as figuring.
A paste used to fill pores of open-grained cabinet woods. It is composed of a powdered quartz base mixed with linseed oil, turpentine, and a drying agent.
A flat narrow band used as a connecting member for curves of moldings and turnings.
Finger Joint
A joint used to connect the swinging bracket, or apron, to a table frame. It is a wooden hinge resembling the fingers of both hands when they are interlocked, hence the name.
A turned or carved ornamental decoration used at the tops of chair posts, in the break of pediments, and similar terminations. Often in the form of a knob, ball, acorn, urn or flame.
Finial Hinge
A type of hinge which has decorative finials (see finial) at the top and bottom of the hinger pin. It is more often found in smaller sizes for cabinet work but can also be seen a door hinge.
Designs carved in wood in which the surface of the carving remains flat.
Fibers made of shredded cloth or felt, applied to a surface and held there by a special adhesive to imitate. a feltlike finish. It is forcefully blown on the adhesive with a flocking gun
Flocking Gun
A tool used to blow shredded felt upon a surface over which a special adhesive has first been spread to hold it. A piston in a cylinder forces it from the gun with air.
See Fluting
Decorative in the form of shallow, parallel grooves, especially on columns and pilasters or on the legs of furniture.
Foam Rubber
A spongy, fine-textured rubber made of latex, used as a stuffing material in upholstered furniture.
See ciseleur.
Framing Square
A measuring tool of steel, having a "blade" or "body" 1/8" x 2" x 24" joined at right angles to a "tongue" 1/8" x 1!!" x 16". R gets its name from having tables of measurement stamped on its sides; they are used for laying out angles and distances on structural elements of a building like rafters, braces, etc., often referred to as "framing:"
Carved geometrical patterns, either in relief or pierced, or sawn with a fretsaw.
An architectural term for the flat surface beneath a cornice, used loosely to describe flat horizontal members in furniture.
Full Tester
A wooden frame over a bed used to hang drapes. It is often supported on four ornately carved wooden columns which rise from the bed frame. It was originally devised to keep out cold draughts and keep the occupants warm. Also see Half Tester