Glossary Section D: Dado - Duncan Phyfe

A square groove cut across the grain of the wood.
Dado Head
A combination of dado saw blades, or of two dado saw blades and one or more chippers, sometimes called spacer blades. Two dado saws used alone will cut a groove 1/4 inch wide Chippers are made to cut thicknesses of 1/16, 1/8 and I/4 inches. When chippers are used they must be placed between two saws. Grooves varying in width of 1/8 inch to 13/16 inch may be cut with a dado head.
Dado Saw
A circular saw blade having both rip and crosscut teeth, designed to cut grooves 1/8 inch wide. These saws vary in diameter from 6, 8, to 10 inches.
Dash Top
A round tabletop having a raised rim.
Day Bed
A sofa for one person to recline on during the day, sometimes for the formal receptions of visitors.
Half-moon shape.
Dentil Moulding
A moulding consisting of a row of small rectangles which resemble teeth. This appearance give rise to the name - dentil. In an ionic style entablature a dentil moudling is found under the cornice and this is typical of its use in furniture. As a general rule the projection of the dentil is equal to its width, and the intervals between are equal to half the width.
Desk and Bookcase
The 18th century cabinetmakers' term for what would now be called a bureau bookcase in Britain. Desk and bookcase is still used in the USA, where such pieces are also called secretaries.
Diamond Point
A wood-turning chisel having a flat blade on which the cutting end is ground at an angle of from 30° to 40° from both edges to a sharp point in the center.
An instrument having two legs with sharp Points. used for measuring or laying off distances between two points.
Dough Table
See bread-mixing table.
Dovetail Joint
A joint composed of mortises and tenons resembling a dove's tail.
Dovetail Saw
A small, fine-toothed, thin-bladed saw used to cut dovetail joints, The blade is about two inches wide and is reinforce(] on the hack with a stiff metal strip.
A round headless wooden pin fitting into a hole in an adjoining piece to prevent slipping. Or a long rod from which such pins are made.
Linked with a headless pin of wood or metal.
Drake Foot
A three-toed foot found on Queen Anne furniture.
A boxlike receptacle which slides in or out of n piece of furniture.
Drawer Guide
A strip of wood fastened to the top or bottom of a drawer run to keep the drawer straight in its track.
Drawer Run
The track or support upon which a drawer rests or moves.
A structure having open shelves set upon a closed cupboard.
Drop Finial
A turned ornament fastened to the bottom edge of a lowboy or highboy apron.
Duncan Phyfe
See Phyfe, Duncan.